Charlotte 21h04

Charlotte 21h04

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Collection Sueños interrumpidos
Acrylic on artisanal paper 640gr/m
56 x 76 cm
Barcelona 2023

Framed artwork


In the collection "Sueños Interrumpidos," the artist Sandra Modrego Orta invites us to immerse ourselves in an intimate and tender universe where beauty and vulnerability intertwine. On this occasion, Modrego Orta presents seven sleeping women, a powerful image that evokes profound reflection on the lack of sleep in the context of motherhood.

The portrayed women sleep peacefully, presenting themselves as revered figures in their state of rest, reflecting the sacred nature of sleep. Through her art, Sandra Modrego pays tribute not only to sleep itself but also to all selfless mothers who unconditionally devote themselves to their children, often sacrificing their own rest and well-being.

The collection "Sueños Interrumpidos" is a visual meditation on the shared experience of many mothers who, in their unwavering love for their children, face the daily struggle of finding a balance between their own needs and those of their loved ones.